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Ivy of

Ivy of

Somelikeitfat Blog was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with gaining SSBBW star Ivy of, who sat down with us to tell our readers a little more about being a feedee and about herself!

SLF: For those who might not know, what is feeder/gaining porn about?

Ivy: It’s about watching a model intentionally gain weight for her own sexual gratification. Feeding/gaining porn often documents a models weight gain over an extended time period through photos and videos. There are also lots of food-centric photo sets and videos that show the model gorging on fatty foods and beverages to help her expand her figure.

SLF: Interesting! What do you think the biggest misconception is about gainers or feedees?

Ivy: I think a lot of people think that there are no “real” feedees out there. They think that the feedees that they see online are either faking it, being forced to gain by their partner or are in it to make money. This is absolutely not true! While I’m sure there are people who do it to please someone else and don’t get any real pleasure out of it themselves or do it for the money, there are many girls (and guys!) who want to gain for their own personal reasons. I am one of those people.

SLF: Consider us informed now!  Changing tracks a bit - What would you wear on a hot date?

Ivy: A super tight little black dress that shows off ALL of my expanding curves and big, round ass and knee high black boots.

SLF: We always hear from models about interesting fan mail they receive - what’s the most unusual email you’ve gotten?

Ivy: There have been so many over the years, but the one that sticks out was from a guy asking me to do a video where I eat a hamburger made of the ground up flesh of my evil ex boyfriend while talking about how he was so awful and didn’t deserve me and then detail the digestive process that he was going through inside of me with a very gross grand finale to the video. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I kindly declined explaining that girls don’t have digestive systems and even if we did, I don’t eat hamburgers.

SLF: What – or who - inspired you to start taking your clothes off for the camera?

Ivy: I’ve always loved being naked and in front of the camera. It suppose it was just kind of a natural progression.

SLF: You can take three things on a desert island. They are?

Ivy: An army of pugs, an unlimited supply of Chinese food and Violet James.

SLF: Do you have any pet peeves?

Ivy: It depends on how cranky I am on any given day. Ha!

SLF: Thanks for sharing your insight and your awesome sense of humor!

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Reenaye Starr of www.LoveMyFat.comVeteran SSBBW webmodel Reenaye Starr of is a favorite among fat lovers everywhere. She took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for our SomeLikeitFat readers!

SLF: Are you a gainer, a feeder or a feedee or none of the above?

Reenaye: Both truly. I love to eat, be fed and get bigger and more curvaceous, but I also really get off of feeding my sexy gainer girlfriend, Penny and find mutual feeding really, really hot!

SLF: I hear you like to cook - What’s your favorite food to make?

Reenaye: I love giving myself a challenge. I made my first duck this year and it was delicious. Anything new, challenging and delicious.

SLF: How about to eat?

Reenaye: I love all kinds of food, but especially Mexican.

SLF: What do you like most about posing nude on the Internet?

Reenaye: The attention, showing of my jiggly bits, and letting the world know that fat women are sexy!

SLF: What is your hottest erotic fantasy?

Reenaye: I have many… But I would love to have some one feed me and my girlfriend FOREVER. A life that consists of eating, sex, eating, more sex, eating during sex. That sounds good to me…

SLF: Sounds good to us too! Our readers also like to hear about the “real life” side of sexy models. For instance, do you collect anything?

Reenaye: Signatures from D list movie stars/celebrities :)

SLF: What’s your favorite way to waste a few hours?

Reenaye: Go to lunch with a friend, or lay around in bed with a special someone.

SLF: A lot of models say they get some really crazy emails from fans – what’s the most unusual email you’ve received?

Reenaye: There have been many.. Some are too yucky to repeat, but let’s suffice it to say I have had many strange fetish requests for videos.

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We sat down with supersized sex goddess Mysti Mountains this week to talk about her new site,  Many of you will recognize her from previous adult web work, but her relaunched site features new content – new pics, new vids and lots of members extras, she tells us.  This big beauty is a fat-lover’s dream, especially if you like your MILFs with huge curves and an insatiable sex drive!

SLF: Your relaunched site is brand new– what can members expect?

MM: Well, first off, there is a LOT more video content on the new site…and more to come…I will be updating twice every week, with at least one new video, and a hot set of pictures. I also have added an art area and my members are welcome to submit their art and/or erotic stories, and I will be posting some of my own as well. There is a lot more hardcore content in the works, as well as my members only blog which includes some candid shots of me.

SLF: Sounds like you are really into the art of turning on your members, but what about your turn-ons? Any unfulfilled fantasies?

MM: I fantasize all the time, and the fantasies seem to keep getting better and better…of course I have fulfilled some of my fantasies, but I think there is something about having that “ultimate fantasy” that hasn’t yet been explored that keeps it all interesting.

SLF:  I think a lot of people would agree with that!  I know you like porn, too - do you think that BBW porn has got better since you first started taking notice of it?

MM: I definitely think that there is a lot more of it out there and, hence, more variety. It’s funny, some people love the more polished “commercial” porn that is being produced these days, but there is still a lot of amateur content being produced, which tends to be more raw and animalistic and appeals to some people. I am thankful that the days of the fat girl coming off looking like a sideshow freak in porn seem to be over. Today’s porn represents big women like the sexy, seductive goddesses they are.

SLF:  Well, you know we at SLF blog think you are definitely a goddess!  What inspired you to start taking your clothes off for the camera?

MM: [she giggles] I was just talking to my old high school boyfriend yesterday and we were reminiscing about the Polaroid Camera I received as an 18th birthday present from my grandma. It was the 80’s and he was the President of a truck club and I had a 1965 Volkswagen Bug. We went to the mall after-hours and parked in the middle of the parking lot and took naked pictures of ourselves laid out over our cars… Did that inspire me? Perhaps… I find photography to be very erotic and it’s been a part of my “sex play” for many years….now I just share it with the world.

SLF:  Tell us a little bit about how your average shoot goes?

MM: Well, first I usually think I can get a ton of work done, so I pack a bag full of all the sexy clothes, lingerie, shoes and accessories I think I will need - I always have about 10 extra outfits just in case! I either scout my locations ahead of time or simply drive around until I find a place that looks like a good place to shoot. [she laughs] Sometimes I get naked right next to a rural road…or sometimes it’s not so rural. My camera guys are usually more nervous than I am, but sometimes they get so into their photography that they forget to warn me when there is a car coming. I usually shoot about a hundred pictures and a video for each set. Then I redo my hair and make-up and start again.

SLF: What about the rest of the time when you aren’t showing off your naughty bits on camera?  What’s your favorite way to waste a few hours?

MM: [she laughs] Well, I don’t slow down very often, so there aren’t many hours to waste…but if I do have some time to kill, I usually take some pictures, so I guess it’s probably not wasted time! I also love to read, sing karaoke, and I paint.

SLF: Thanks.  We love hearing about the behind-the-scenes stuff – the girl behind the girl, so to speak.  Tell our readers something that the average fan wouldn’t know about you.

MM: Well, the average fan probably wouldn’t know that I am an honor student. I love school, and have been going to the local community college for many years, and have made the Dean’s List every semester. I am running out of classes to take, however, so I may finally have to get to those two math classes that have been holding up my degree all these years! Anyone want to tutor me? Math and I do not get along.

SLF: Well, I’m sure there are a bunch of math geniuses out there right now holding their dicks in their hand and screaming at their monitors their tutoring services.  Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us!
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Mysti Mountains

Mysti Mountains

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Q.Describe your average day.

During the week, I have to wake up at 7:30 to telecommute to my “regular” job back east, and then I spend the majority of my workday writing exciting and sexy pieces on various financial topics. I know – how exciting is that! After work, I crawl into bed and read before a leisurely afternoon nap since I only get about 3-4 hours of sleep at night. Then up to cook dinner, watch some TV, grab some sexy time with my man and then back to work as my porn-wielding alter ego, Webmistress Carrie. I get to look at more porn than you can even imagine! I’m a total workaholic, but at least I wear cute skimpy little outfits while doing it! Then it’s off to bed at about 3:30am to start all over again!

Q.You can take three things on a desert island. They are?

Practical, life-sustaining things aside, I would take:

The biggest, juiciest book I can find.

My Nintendo DS.

A boat.

Q.Do you have any pet peeves?

A lot of little random ones, but right now it’s gotta be mean people. It seems there are a lot of people in the world who want to bring others down and who thrive on creating drama and misery. I do my best not to get sucked into their vortex of B.S. Add to that: people who act unprofessionally, chronic misspelling, melted lipsticks, my inability to find comfortable heels in a size 11.

Q.Do you collect anything?

I have what is, by most peoples’ estimation, an insane amount of makeup. I love getting new colors and products all the time. I probably have about 100 lipglosses, 75 lipsticks, 150 eyeshadows, and a whole host of other items too numerous to list. My hubby even gave me my own makeup room and vanity storage system to store it all in! It seems silly to most people, but I love creating different looks and changing my makeup like I change my mood. I figure at least it’s a usable collection and not just a bunch of figurines that sit on a shelf or something!

Q.You’ve been online now for seven years. You must have quite the packed members area – what can members expect?

Seven years?! Has it really been that long? Wow – time sure flies! My members area features more than 35,000 high quality photos and more than 150 video clips. In addition, I now offer my members extended DVD previews that I have filmed, as well as stories, wallpapers, screensavers, “Casual Carrie” photos and my personal blog. I think my biggest selling point, though, is that I have been updating my site with new content every week religiously since I started. I think a lot of sites promise frequent updates, but I make it my business to deliver!

Q.Best tip for those looking to get started as an adult model?

The first thing is to get some good, clear pictures to show to prospective webmasters and photographers! These don’t have to be professional or fancy, but they should include standing, full length shots in bra and panties from the front, back and side, as well as a clear headshot. Additionally, take a look around at the myriad of other sites that are out there and determine what you have that is different, unique, and sellable. You have to have a strong sense of self-worth and love for modeling to really make it long-term in this business.

Q.Any unfulfilled fantasies?

Maybe, but I’m keeping them close to my heart for now! They’re between me and my diary.

Q.Favorite way to waste a few hours?

I love doing fun things like traipsing around a casino, throwing money into video poker machines or just kicking back and watching horror movies with my sexy companion.

Q.Celebrity idol?

I’m a huge pop culture junkie and there are so many authors, actors, filmmakers, etc. who are really high on my list. I even named my dog after Scarlett Johansson because I think she’s gorgeous lol! Right now, though, I’m having this weird love affair with Helen Mirren because she is completely and utterly fabulous. I could make a list a mile long, but I’ll spare you!

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Q. Webmodeling - why?
A. I know its cliche and all but honestly, I do love showing the world that big girls are sexy. Not only that, but happy, successful, and fun!

Q. What is your dream job in the offline world?
A. Working at the Championship Vinyl record store with John Cusak in High Fidelity! Lol but really anything dealing with music. Writing music reviews, or managing a cool band.

Q. Do you have any pet peeves?
A. People who don’t know when enough is enough, and my own personal lack of motivation.

Q. Favorite movie genre?
A. Horror by far. (Also into indie, and comedy)

Q. The dance floor is dead - what song do you put on to liven it up again?
A. I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Huston

Q. Best tip for those getting started as a website model?
A. Take your time and don’t rush. Take pride in your work and put the effort into it, it deserves. And lastly make sure you work for someone with your comfortable with and till treat you right.

Q. Your significant other is away for an evening, how do you spice it up?
A. Go out with my girls and get wild.

Q. Favorite way to waste a few hours?
A. Watching tv, taking my puppy to the dog park.

Q. Any Celebrity idols?
Marilyn Monroe (duh), Anna Nicole, and Mia Tyler.

Q. Do you read for pleasure? if so, whats your book of the moment?
A. Oh yes! Books of Blood - Clive Barker and New Rules - Bill Maher

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