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Scented Kisses loves the Mens Magazines. Its actually very clever, lots of hot, ripped guys that are practically naked. Luckily I have a few hanging around the house so in between shoots she has something to read. And when she wasn’t looking, this is the footage we got.

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The latest Scented Kisses photo-set to hit the member area has SK squeezed into a tight net body shaper. There wasn’t much in the studio that Scented wasn’t going to bust out of so why fight it. Nearly 400lbs of amazon goddess shows off those amazing curves before dispensing from the feeble article of clothing for some close ups in crotchless panties.

Even those have to go, she’s just too much women for skimpy underwear.



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One of the best parts of shooting my own exclusive content is searching out the models for the next studio shoot. Its not always as easy as one might think *laughs* some models might want mucho dollars even though they’ve never modeled, others want to bring their whole family along to the studio.

Some though, are just consummate professionals, switched on, hard working and great fun in front of the lens…….enter Scented Kisses.

Scented has been in a number of movies in her first year of adult and I think I came across her on a DVD Box cover. “Potential shoot” radar switches on and a few emails later she’s all booked up for a studio shoot with

On arrival its great to see that Scented has invested back into her job, I mean, we have an extensive wardrobe of clothing and shoes but naturally, not everything will fit every model. So its an important part of modeling (IMO) to have more than one pair of panties and an old set of heels to model in when shooting for other companies.

Over the next few days we had Scented trussed up in a multitude of tight fitting outfits, high heels and all that is good when showing a girl of size to the fine fat loving folk of the Ultimatebbw member area.

First set will be up tonight on

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