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Another very fine BIG ass pear at is Cajun Big Ez with a velvet gown strip. Her ass waist ratio is immense, It’s pear shape gone wild and we’re delighted to have her here at Ultimatebbw so you lovers of super sexy, ultra large ladies, can see her massive hips in high quality images on your screen.


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Recent updates from - home of the internets finest 300lb+ BBW’s. Recently posted was Red  with her 65′ ass, Cajun at nearly 80  and Curvynurse at 82. More updates and samples on the site tour…take a look :)

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The little black dress is nice in a “going out in an evening” fashion but, the racey red dress is what its all about. It screams sexually confident that someone can don such a garment and Cajun is the girl we decided to squeeze into ours.

Its just large enough to tease and in the first half of the set you’ll see that huge pear shaped body straining to release itself. The second half is where the dress parts its voluptuous home and thats when it all lets loose.

Click the pic for to see the larger sample

Click to see more of Cajun

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A lot of guys like balloon popping, so we got one of our very big butted models to do it for you. Cajun steps up to the plate with a 10 minute video dedicated to this very preference. She squirms and semi crushes the fragile inflatable before giving it a hefty sit to explode that delicate skin.

The poor little things stood no chance really, Cajuns massive butt vs most inflatables is a no contest.

Click the pic for to see the larger sample

Click to see more of Cajun

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Yes, Ive been missing again, for a month this time although as usual its been for the sole, and very worthy reason, of bringing more plus size eye candy to your screens.

Maybe I should write a whole bunch in advance next time, sure would save these “I’ve been missing again” posts. Anyway, enough of the chit chat, here’s the most recent Cajun update to hit the Ultimatebbw members area.

If theres one element to a shoot that I can be sure of, its that even though I may plan shoots in advance, even down to specific outfits that I think would look great on certain models, I can always be assured of a proverbial spanner in the works come shoot day.

Even the best laid plans can be scuppered by a models extra large thigh or butt or chest, rendering any chosen outfit useless (although it is fun to see the models attempts to squeeze into something figure hugging, guys into that would give their left and right arms for a day in my studio lol).

I knew this was going to be an issue when I saw Cajun at my front door. This girl has thighs….enormous….stocking shredding size lol. But weirdly, they took to stocking and garters better than many a visiting smaller model. Its starting to confound me really and the physical attributes of one model vs another vs a regular set of plus size stockings needs much further investigation.

Anyway, suffice to say that it was very pleasing that despite her amazing leg girth that I was able to squeeze Cajun into (and out of) all manner of corsets, lingerie and clothing for our shoots. Heres the latest…..