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3rd May 2006, by admin, filed in Website Design
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This is something Ive been doing for a while with my right hand man (um, girl) and its becoming something that more and more people don’t mind paying for. Why, well….unless you know how to use the design programs its not too hard to end up with a blocky coloured, no frills site with images that look like they’ve been cut out of the original photos by a 5 year old. Thats probably the worst example though - there are plenty of people that can use the programs but end up with that creative block when faced with a blank screen.

Your site design is the shop window to your product - and just like we tend not to shop in stores where the merchandiser seems to have emptied a shopping cart of stock into the window, surfers can also be put off from buying when it looks like you designed the site in 3 minutes and it might not be there tomorrow.

You can take a look at the designs by hitting the link below, you’ll even see our photography portfolio - and if you want a quote on a design just email me at the address in the portfolio.