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Underwater sets are pretty rare and underwater sets with TWO hot SSBBWs are even rarer! At http://www.LoveMyFat.com, Reenaye Starr and her friend, Angie let buoyancy take over to give you this super sexy glimpse into their playful relationship.

Underwater SSBBW Reenaye Starr

Underwater SSBBW Reenaye Starr

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I did this last year and found it was more for my benefit so I could look back every now and then and remember how the plus sized adult industry was changing at the time. Its not really a post for my normal readers, although they can peruse too if they like long wordy posts.

As much of a dream job as this would appear to many, it is hard work for those that are doing this full time and are committed to creating a unique product for their members. I’ve certainly noticed a number of webmasters in 2007 pull away from the herd in terms of product quality and the professional approach they take to their work. Real brand orientated businesses are taking shape that surfers recognize, trust and want to be part of.

This to me has always been the common sense approach to establishing a business and although it can take a few years to shape it does mirror real world business tactics. The people who are doing this are taking time to learn their craft and take it to the next level. Whether that be better programs for design, new equipment and techniques or marketing strategies outside the norm amongst many examples one could cite.

Investing real time into these fundamentals is one of the best (and easiest) ways to develop that project into something that generates a real and sustainable revenue stream. Financial investment back into the business is also paramount, after all a person should not expect to take all of the profits generated without putting a good portion back, whilst still keeping up with changes. Investment is not without its rewards and their are plenty of people out there who can be paid to get a project on its feet and looking crisp.

A professional online business also takes its real world responsibilities seriously and one of my biggest bug bears has to be state and federal taxes of which many do not pay. I simply have much less respect for those who do not own up to their earned income and report it accordingly while enjoying the maximum fruits of a business.

I mentioned last year how the market seemed saturated and this year certainly confirms that growth in site openings. I’m sure many webmasters are curious as to the sustainability of a niche market with its finite amount of paying users, when the market is being flooded with more options following the same recipe. Looking at the available sub niches I often wonder if sites that are struggling with traffic and memberships haven’t considered branching out into those first where competition would be much less fierce and earning potential higher, due to lack of supply. The sub-niche sites do enjoy the benefits of loyal members, simply because the content they crave is in short supply…it seems a good place to go in my opinion for someone just starting out rather than the well trodden route of pin-up or gaining for example.

One of the things that always confuses me (or maybe shouldn’t) is that surfers often expect every website to operate exactly the same way as others that they’ve joined. I’m fairly sure that none of us expect to walk into a real world retail business and see exactly the same prices, product and service as another one, especially when they create their own product exclusively. That would be like walking into a store that creates their product individually for their customers (f.ex, confectionery, body products like bath products or jewelery) and saying “your coconut cremes are 10c per pound more expensive than Walmarts” and even though you handmade yours and they’re not available anywhere else, this doesn’t register. Maybe the surfer has for too long had a cookie cutter experience with corporates and that change is difficult to rationalize. In these instances its important to compare apples with apples rather than oranges.

2007 was a good year for me in particular because I finished a project that id been planning for a long while, my dedicated photo studio. I had the good fortune of shooting some outstanding models in the second half of 2007, highlights being the lovely Sofia Rose, the awesomely fun and hardworking Ambrosia and Arabella who was a blast from day one till she had to go home. 2008 has been mostly filled already and early signs are going to be very exciting for the Ultimatebbw crew - oh boy, if members only knew what was coming their way.

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Moving sucks and is the main reason I’ve been out of action for 6 weeks. Its not the “moving day” itself (although that was littered with inept moving goons, who could damage a cushion if left unattended) but the aftermath of boxes.

Moving used to be easy but, after each successful house purchase and living there for a few years, you begin to realize that you’ve accumulated way more crap than you thought for the next move and thus the process gets longer each time, certainly with regards to unpacking.

So thats where I’ve been, setting the new house up and unpacking - nowhere near the world of porn creation…sob.

On the plus side - I have a new studio, which is now larger than a good sized apartment (and who said moving every two years wasn’t worth it lol). Naturally its not as simple as that though, it needs refitting but, what a great project to sink my teeth into. Blank walls are like blank paper to a writer - where do you begin with so many idea’s….contemporary maybe, or stark minimalist, maybe retro - maybe a mix of different studio sets. Who knows, but whichever way i end up going (and its likely to be a functional mix) this place is going to kick ass for versatility and usability.

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I sometimes look at this little blogspot and wonder “whats newsworthy” for any surfer who stumbles on it to read. Naturally not much, simply because the majority of surfers tend only to surf for porn and therefore are only interested in pictures. However, the search engines like words, which is why you’ll find many blogs with text entries to back up the pictures. The surfer generally has to search with word strings and if you have plenty of text on a blog (and the spiders have picked it up too) it makes it easy for the surfer to find what they want, including the odd few pics maybe.

Funnily enough Ive noticed chunks of my blog text cropping up on other peoples blogs. So, when a surfer types words into the blogger search bar for something that they want to find entries on (epecially if the model might be mentioned on my blog) , the theiving little scumbags blog comes up too, even though the paragraphs of words are mine and their content has fuck all to do with the text. The wonders/annoyances of the interweb i guess.

Actually, that word kinda cracks me up and i first saw “interweb” on a forum a few years ago. It was this picture post forum and one of the responses to a post was “lovely pics, you win 1,000,000 interwebs”. The phrase kinda morphed over time and the guy was recently posting “Much win for fatty pics, you now own the interlube”. I cant work out exactly whether the poster is foreign and its just the way the language translates (I mentally picture a 15year old boy with a middle eastern or asian origin when i read the posts) or just some guy who types that way and is funny as fuck. Id like to think the latter for some reason because I like the idea that someone somewhere has morphed the words on purpose and they slowly catch on, afterall this is how some catchphrases come into everyday use. In our house now, basically me and the wife only refer to the internet as the interlube and much fun is had by all….ummm, seriously.

Anyway, its hit a tight spot timewise in my corner of the porn world. An impending house move means much searching for the right house with enough studio space to carry on producing some porno. Its got to be said though, the thought of getting into a much bigger studio area is pretty exciting insofar that Im visualising more spectucalar sets for both video and photo’s…and that cant be a bad thing…right?

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So the end of another year looms again and I can only say that for the most part, 2006 was pretty darn good. In the face of ever increasing competition, most of the websites I run or help to run have enjoyed another year harvesting the fruits of their labor. And that’s not easy in today’s online market. I haven’t been on the surfer/buyer end of porn for nearly three years now, I’m pretty sure its the same as it was back then (minus a little mystery maybe) but, I cant help feeling that with the ever increasing number of websites (and of course the finite number of paying surfers out there) that 2007 will continue to challenge the webmasters, webmistresses and models of our niche.

What “has” changed for me as a producer and owner….is cost, insofar that it has increased dramatically lol. Our niche is one that does have some leeway when it comes to certain elements of the final product. Naturally there are surfers out there that love the complete amateur feel of a lamp lit room with a girl on a couch. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it at all but, as someone who produces a fair bit of content and the other web-girls that maintain very frequent updates on their sites - it can’t go on forever. The simple reason is that for us, its REALLY REALLY boring to do the same thing time and time again. And when you change what you do, you start to develop new skills, improve on existing ones and basically want to go elsewhere with your product. Boy does that cost though and by and large we do it for ourselves, whether a member appreciates it or not lol. Let me assure you though, most long running sites owned by web-girls no longer have the ability to just “switch the camera on and take a photo-set”, it’s a long drawn out and much more expensive process than it used to be and the product will obviously be more polished. Like it or not, it’s a change that can happen without any conscious realization on our part.

Like any year, there have been a few long term sites close in 2006, usually because the element of fun got lost at some point (it can be a draining job, trust me) or maybe the workload started to outweigh the rewards. It’s always sad to see them go though, especially the ones I can be remember way before being involved in the business. It’s even sadder that when it happens its does so almost completely unnoticed - porn and the models in it often seem entirely disposable.

Without mentioning site names, one site that closed (I think) in early 2006 still crops up in the request section of many forums I lurk on. Posts like “Does anyone have any more pictures of **insert name here**? I cant find her site anymore”. And well, this might have been one of the sadder closings and was basically due to password abuse resulting in a huge bill to the website owner. The very people who did this are the ones now wondering where she is, now there’s irony for you. And these guys still don’t get it, they’re quite happy to mess around with websites, sharing out the content for a few measly slaps on the back from random dudes around the globe. “We only hurt the ones we love” seems apt here, although I wouldn’t expect any of them to get that though. I doubt any of those involved would actually want to face any website owner and say “I really loved your work when you were around, sorry I had to fuck it all up for you though”. The anonymity of the web provides a way to be cowardly but appear a hero to a few….sad.

Anyway, 2006 didn’t exactly provide much in the way of different porn than what was available five years ago. Sure, there are more websites and models than ever, which is great for the consumer and the quality is improving all the time. The general idea behind websites remains pretty much unaltered - shoot, update, market, shoot, update, market. One thing I do remember from buying porn is that a surfer will always want to see something new, so no matter how good the last photo-shoot, video or cam session was, it only lasts a small amount of time in the members mind before they need more and frequently. One area I have seen an increase in is the candid market, depressingly the real candid market though. This is where some guy will literally stalk some girl around and tape them unawares. Walking to work, shopping, in a bar whatever - these subjects have no idea that “Mr X” is tailing them with his concealed video camera and is taking film footage of their assets to put up for the rest of the world to see. The hypocritical element to this (putting aside for now everything else that is clearly wrong about it) is that the type of guy doing this would 99.9% flip out if he suddenly saw his g/f, wife, sister, mother online and taped by someone else. Its almost worth doing just to get the message across, lets be honest though, even if the online world didn’t exist, these guys would be doing something sexually shady and underhand……seriously dudes that’s definitely shudder-worthy and so illegal its not even funny.

What’s been good though? Well, recently I saw the return to the fray of a plus size model that five years ago was a firm favorite. I’m sure her new site will do well and without mentioning any names (those who hangout on Dim will know who it is) I wish her luck, not that I feel she’ll need too much of it.

Bodacious Mag has tucked more than a year under their belt and still continues to put out a coffee table quality product (although I wouldn’t advise leaving it on one for the folks to see LOL).

Membership prices for most serious sites are still obscenely good value; remember I used to pay myself lol. Now that I know what goes into running sites in terms of both cost and time I feel that there are many non-corporate sites that are bursting to the brim with years of archive content and frequent new updates for less that $1 a day. If there’s anyone that moans about getting access to that much porn for that price, I really need you to email me with a deal that beat’s it.

Anyway, it’s clear that the wheels of porn will keep turning in 2007 and who knows who or what is on the horizon. It’s still very much an exciting business and provided we don’t get thrown another bunch of red tape to bother us we’ll keep doing what we do.

Good luck to all in the industry for next year and thank you to anyone who has joined one of my sites this year.

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<----Stands up and faces room....

Hello group, my names biggurlsblog and I’m a net whore.

There i’ve said it and I’m not in the least ashamed either lol. I just love clicking into sites and exploring them and seeing where the plethora of links take me. It basically increases my knowledge of how the little world I frequent works and leads me to some truly interesting new places.

One of these is review sites. Nothing new I assure you but, when you look into them you start to realise a few things. For one, everything has its place and done properly theres nothing wrong with the average review site. Look into it a little more and certain things strike me as slightly odd, cetainly in the plus sized niche.


The first one is “how do these review sites make their money to offset all the time spent reviewing and writing up conclusions”. Well, simple, advertising and affiliate programs. Affiliate programs work by “you” reading the review and clicking on the site link if it takes your fancy. From there, you might join….the affiliate code then records the sale and the review site gets paid half the join money. I find it slightly odd then, that the sites with the bigger splits in the review sites favour, seem to get better reviews and end up further up their “best sites” list….even when i personally know that better sites with more content and better girls are below…..curious huh. Well, not really and not that you the surfer would know.

A few sites spring to mind but, lets not name names, ill just say that when a site with girls no bigger than 180lbs is found at the top of many review listings you have to start wondering how big a split those review sites are receiving. Because those girls can in no way be described as BBW’s - im assuming the real FA’s realise this anyway though, no fooling those who know the real deal lol.


Most review sites use people to review all different types of sites, many of them even confess to not likely plus sized girls (i dont really care about the other niches because I’m sure that just as i dont like aspects of every single type of porn out there, many reviewers dont like having to write about them either).

Anyway, why oh why does this happen, i really dont see the point, just get someone to do it who at least has an appreciation or dont bother, unless its just to get the affiliate splits lol. When this is the case, the review is clearly going to be done by someone who has little appreciation of the content and lacks any real interest. I mean, i wouldnt be that stoked about reviewing a site about enema’s. If it landed on my desk one morning id just do it real quick and get it over with. And lets be honest, if i dont “get it” and dont see what enema loving fans clearly do, how much weight does my review carry. Certainly not much to the enema loving crowd, especially when I write a review to favor a crappy site with a good affiliate split and they feel robbed after joining.


Most review sites allow you to leave a comment and score on each site review. Comments are a fun way to get the average current members, or ex members validation and should help you to decide whether your hard earned money might be spent well. More often than not though, envious and bitchy webmodels leave unfavorable comments and low scores just to undermine the strength of the models site….jeeeeez, get a life, spend the time on your own site or maybe its a lost cause and this seems more productive to you.


Now this is all over the place and might have something to do with the affilate split mentioned earlier.

As an example, i saw a review the other day where a site with 2000 pictures got a score of 8 for “content amount” and a site with 17000 pictures got a score of 8…..um, can i hear anyone else saying “score fudging”. Do they really think we wont notice this. If you want to bump the score up of a site that offers a better affiliate split but doesnt have the means to back it up, please, please , please dont make it so obvious. This generally extends all the way down the review criteria until “Site A” which is really a pile of crap, is better than site B….kinda crappy huh?

“Common sense”

Last but not least - “common sense and taking things into account”. This is especially when reviewing amateur webgirls sites. Now, i know many amateur plus sized models and most start out with consumer level equipment and improve at their craft over time, equipment incuded. So why do these review sites insist on reviewing them like they have the budget of the big corporate sites that they’ve also reviewed.

So many times i see “videos could be better, a bit amateurish, certainly not as good as **insert whatever corporate site here**”. Well, I’m sure they could be better if the amateur girls owned their own servers and could spend $8,000 on a video camera in addition to not worrying about massive bandwidth.

The other is photo quality…remarks like “earlier pictures seem grainer and are lower quality” - well sure, it was 2001 when those were taken and 3 meg camera’s were about as big as you could get and they still cost $500 back then LOL. It all gets forgotton and by the reviewer, a travesty really.

Sorry guys, its turned into a bit of a rant lol, i guess i just want to make sure your eyes are open to how these things work, if you didnt know already that is. In fairness im standing up for the girls here, i think some of them get a much harder time at these sites than they should.

Me, I dont place my sites up for review at these places. So its not as if anything I own and run has ever had a biased review that I’m pissed about and feel a need to rant. But. If I’m going to in the future, it wont be at one which pumps up “site A” because they pay a bigger affiliate split, it will be at one thats a little more honest.

adious for now

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There are two titles in porn that get misused (in my opinion in any event), they are “photographer” and “model”. For this entry ill take photographer and have a little rant. In fact if anything this is a warning to unsuspecting girls regarding GWC’s, read on….

Photographer gets bandied about like “turbo” did in the eighties (Manufactureres used to attach it to everything back then even though a turbo couldnt possibly exist - “Turbo vaccum” - “Turbo bicycle” - “Turbo breakfast cereal”, you get the point im sure).

And of course like many professions you dont actually need a qualification to be a photographer, apparantly just saying you are seems to make it so, regardless of the quality of work. As an example, some guy on a forum recently tried to tell me that a snap some girl posted in a porn forum which she’d taken in the wing mirror of her car was “art”. You’d have to see the photo to really appreciate how retarded this statement was but, trust me, a girl snapping herself (yes the camera was in the reflection too “myspace stylee”) in her raindrop stained car door mirror complete with huge amounts of blur isnt “art” or photography - its a fucking snap lol
Anyway i digress - In addition to that, being that many online users have no idea what makes a good photo (certainly in porn) phonies and the talent of real photographers goes largely unnoticed for the most part.

Someone who isnt a photograher but uses the term to try and shoot naked girls is actually a “GWC” - Guy with Camera or girl i guess but, 99.9% of the time a guy. This guy really wants to shoot naked chicks and maybe get a bit of action, so naturally calling himself a photographer is the best way is to offer his “mad skills” to unknowing girls to increase his chances. Now if a girl is daft enough to accept GWC’s offer, she’ll find he turns up with his point and shoot camera (he’ll know 3 buttons on it “on/off” “zoom in” and “shutter button”) will start to take pictures from one standing position and likely get a boner while he figures out a way to get into your pants. “Slimey” will only slightly describe the actions of GWC man, his comments will be suggestive and the model will obviously feel very uncomfortable, it might eventually dawn on her that this guy has no idea what he’s doing and has a different agenda.

Shooting snaps on automatic mode regardless of how many mega pixels your brand new digicam has, does not make you a photographer.

Girls who want to model have this crazy idea that real photographers like to spend their time taking photographs for free, REAL photographers DON”T unless an arrangement of shared rights will exist over the final works - GWC’s do, because they’re not there for the photography or the rights, they’re there for the CHANCE of sex. It always seemed very obvious to me, yet still it goes on. Girls - just beware. You are not going to get a real photographer for nothing (unless an arrangement has been reached called “time for prints”) so ask to see a portfolio, any serious photog will have at least an online one.