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23rd May 2006, by admin, filed in Carrieland, bbw, big ass, big butt
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I was looking forward to last weekend more than the average BBW loving guy. Why?… well for one i was off to Vegas for four days and two I was going with arguably the most successful BBW Model online today….Carrie of

We had a villa booked with one of the nicest pool area’s i’ve seen - 40ft jet fountain, waterfalls, palm trees and caves. Sadly, the company it was booked through cancelled our arrangements with 24 hrs to go (they’d double booked it no doubt..)so, we were forced to make quick arrangements with some of the hotels on the strip.

The Palms promised some cool rooms and after the initial villa disappointment they came up trumps with a free upgrade on checking in to a huge contemporary style suite. After ordering some much needed room service we got set up and started shooting. Two shoots (skin tight white dress and 50’s retro inspired cherries pencil skirt) and several hours later it was time to call it a day, switch on the plasma and cool with some beers till the early hours.

Next day we hit the Venetian for part two of the session - lets be honest though when in Vegas you need to do Vegas things. After both of us put several hundred bucks into their casino we decided maybe the best use of time was to get some skimpy clothing on Carrie and shoot some more. We both felt that the suite decor was more limiting than the contemporary style of the Palms (note to anyone considering it) and after planning the rest of the shoots over the remaining days, decided that a course of dining, gambling and drinking was really what we needed.

As for Carrie - ive never worked with a model like her and Ive shot many a BBW. I doubt she did the same pose twice throughout the whole 4 days. Such versatility and commitment to providing the best product(and of course that gorgeous face, butt, breasts, thighs, tummy…i could go on LOL)is why she has remained consistently on the top for 5 years.

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This is something Ive been doing for a while with my right hand man (um, girl) and its becoming something that more and more people don’t mind paying for. Why, well….unless you know how to use the design programs its not too hard to end up with a blocky coloured, no frills site with images that look like they’ve been cut out of the original photos by a 5 year old. Thats probably the worst example though - there are plenty of people that can use the programs but end up with that creative block when faced with a blank screen.

Your site design is the shop window to your product - and just like we tend not to shop in stores where the merchandiser seems to have emptied a shopping cart of stock into the window, surfers can also be put off from buying when it looks like you designed the site in 3 minutes and it might not be there tomorrow.

You can take a look at the designs by hitting the link below, you’ll even see our photography portfolio - and if you want a quote on a design just email me at the address in the portfolio.