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25th Jun 2006, by admin, filed in Misc

There are two titles in porn that get misused (in my opinion in any event), they are “photographer” and “model”. For this entry ill take photographer and have a little rant. In fact if anything this is a warning to unsuspecting girls regarding GWC’s, read on….

Photographer gets bandied about like “turbo” did in the eighties (Manufactureres used to attach it to everything back then even though a turbo couldnt possibly exist - “Turbo vaccum” - “Turbo bicycle” - “Turbo breakfast cereal”, you get the point im sure).

And of course like many professions you dont actually need a qualification to be a photographer, apparantly just saying you are seems to make it so, regardless of the quality of work. As an example, some guy on a forum recently tried to tell me that a snap some girl posted in a porn forum which she’d taken in the wing mirror of her car was “art”. You’d have to see the photo to really appreciate how retarded this statement was but, trust me, a girl snapping herself (yes the camera was in the reflection too “myspace stylee”) in her raindrop stained car door mirror complete with huge amounts of blur isnt “art” or photography - its a fucking snap lol
Anyway i digress - In addition to that, being that many online users have no idea what makes a good photo (certainly in porn) phonies and the talent of real photographers goes largely unnoticed for the most part.

Someone who isnt a photograher but uses the term to try and shoot naked girls is actually a “GWC” - Guy with Camera or girl i guess but, 99.9% of the time a guy. This guy really wants to shoot naked chicks and maybe get a bit of action, so naturally calling himself a photographer is the best way is to offer his “mad skills” to unknowing girls to increase his chances. Now if a girl is daft enough to accept GWC’s offer, she’ll find he turns up with his point and shoot camera (he’ll know 3 buttons on it “on/off” “zoom in” and “shutter button”) will start to take pictures from one standing position and likely get a boner while he figures out a way to get into your pants. “Slimey” will only slightly describe the actions of GWC man, his comments will be suggestive and the model will obviously feel very uncomfortable, it might eventually dawn on her that this guy has no idea what he’s doing and has a different agenda.

Shooting snaps on automatic mode regardless of how many mega pixels your brand new digicam has, does not make you a photographer.

Girls who want to model have this crazy idea that real photographers like to spend their time taking photographs for free, REAL photographers DON”T unless an arrangement of shared rights will exist over the final works - GWC’s do, because they’re not there for the photography or the rights, they’re there for the CHANCE of sex. It always seemed very obvious to me, yet still it goes on. Girls - just beware. You are not going to get a real photographer for nothing (unless an arrangement has been reached called “time for prints”) so ask to see a portfolio, any serious photog will have at least an online one.

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Now heres a cutie i thought id bring to your attention. Her name is Ivy and she’s just started her very own site Ivy isn’t new to plus size modelling, she had a site for a over a year on “pin up” girls which is a multi-girl site. Being the entrepreneur that she is though, she wanted her very own space to be a creative little devil and “hotfattygirl” was born. Having been in her site a few times I’m happy to say its packed with content (photos and video). Im relectant to give numbers here simply because the more content a model adds the less representative the numbers appear when people come and read these blogs months down the line, its ALOT though - enought to keep new members busy for a very long time.

Ivy takes the softcore glamour approach to her modeling and is way more creative than most when it comes to sets (some models look like they’ve been kidnapped in a bedroom they do so many sets there) not so Ivy.

To keep a site buzzing for members a girl has to be creative, so well done Ivy for continually creating a product that you can be proud of and your members…..well you know…..”enjoy” as well.

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Its been along time since Cherry modeled online - her last sets were around 2 years ago. This obviously left many a Cherry fan somewhat frustrated because looking at the same few images leads you to want more but, there isn’t anymore to have.

Until now that is…….Cherry once again donned skimpy outfits and high heels to model for Cherry did 8 large sets and 5 five minute videos for the site which have started to be filtered into the members area. The picture above is just a taster to show all you that know Cherry (and of course those that will get to know her) the amazing assests that this elusive model has.