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19th Aug 2006, by admin, filed in Carrieland, bbw, big ass, big butt

I’ve been missing in action a little recently and for that i apologise. Thanks to those who emailed me “nudging” me to get on and update the blog, it felt like being a naughty school boy again. Definately a weird but familar feeling, which im sure most of you guys understand. Or not, maybe its just me.

So what the hell have i been up to? Work wise, i had this little suprise fall in my lap. I dont know about any of you but, i really liked that “Last comic standing” show and in particular the cerebral palsy winner, Josh Blue. Anyway, a few weeks ago Carrie from Carrieland lands me with a suprise ticket to one of his shows in conjunction with a nights photoshoot.

Lets just say the show was hilarious, Josh is certainly a guy that knows how to work a crowd and after the TV show victory looks like he’ll become a staple part of the comedy circuit nationwide, so if you don’t know him, keep your eyes peeled.

Photoshoot wise, we had access to this delightful place called the Armstrong Hotel. The rooms are a mixed bunch, some contemporary and some with a vintage twist (but still contermporary colors. The only rooms available at the time were the vintage so thats the feel we went for in the shoots.

As usual even though we had a suite, trying to photograph from the right angles with two huge strobes and softboxes is always a challenge. Im also a clutz when it comes to tripping over equipment wires (thank god for wireless camera remotes which take a few of the little critters away). Add to that the difficulty of keeping ones mind on work when theres a honey of a model in front of you makes it all the harder. Im pretty sure there are guys out there that feel sorry for me *wink* although the emails i get suggest otherwise….odd lol

At the time of writing this I dont think these sets are up at Carrieland, so this is certainly a sneak preview that usually only the members see. She’s been a busy bee herself too by the looks of things. I just noticed an all new site design (and by far the best she’s done IMO) so,