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Xmas sets are, tree’s, Santa hats and candy and lets be honest, doing something too far out of the normal Christmas context doesnt usually make sense.

So in this photo-shoot that I did with Carrie of Carrieland we looked at our options and decided to keep things traditionally Christmasey but a little more “real life”. So we used four real trees and a heap of logs for Carrie to sit on for the bones of the set, a snow machine threw out its snowey goodness thoughout the shoot and Carrie was donned in a Candy Corset, stockings, hooker heels and red shiney panties. Basically Xmas had come early and we had our usual photo-shoot blast.

Ok, so for this blog Ive reduced the pic size drastically from what you get in the members area and slapped a big stamp in the middle that also wouldnt be there but, its just a sample LOL.

If you want to celebrate Xmas in fine style without my cropping and tag slapping, take a visit CARRIELAND WEBSITE for an unrivaled experience.

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So the end of another year looms again and I can only say that for the most part, 2006 was pretty darn good. In the face of ever increasing competition, most of the websites I run or help to run have enjoyed another year harvesting the fruits of their labor. And that’s not easy in today’s online market. I haven’t been on the surfer/buyer end of porn for nearly three years now, I’m pretty sure its the same as it was back then (minus a little mystery maybe) but, I cant help feeling that with the ever increasing number of websites (and of course the finite number of paying surfers out there) that 2007 will continue to challenge the webmasters, webmistresses and models of our niche.

What “has” changed for me as a producer and owner….is cost, insofar that it has increased dramatically lol. Our niche is one that does have some leeway when it comes to certain elements of the final product. Naturally there are surfers out there that love the complete amateur feel of a lamp lit room with a girl on a couch. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it at all but, as someone who produces a fair bit of content and the other web-girls that maintain very frequent updates on their sites - it can’t go on forever. The simple reason is that for us, its REALLY REALLY boring to do the same thing time and time again. And when you change what you do, you start to develop new skills, improve on existing ones and basically want to go elsewhere with your product. Boy does that cost though and by and large we do it for ourselves, whether a member appreciates it or not lol. Let me assure you though, most long running sites owned by web-girls no longer have the ability to just “switch the camera on and take a photo-set”, it’s a long drawn out and much more expensive process than it used to be and the product will obviously be more polished. Like it or not, it’s a change that can happen without any conscious realization on our part.

Like any year, there have been a few long term sites close in 2006, usually because the element of fun got lost at some point (it can be a draining job, trust me) or maybe the workload started to outweigh the rewards. It’s always sad to see them go though, especially the ones I can be remember way before being involved in the business. It’s even sadder that when it happens its does so almost completely unnoticed - porn and the models in it often seem entirely disposable.

Without mentioning site names, one site that closed (I think) in early 2006 still crops up in the request section of many forums I lurk on. Posts like “Does anyone have any more pictures of **insert name here**? I cant find her site anymore”. And well, this might have been one of the sadder closings and was basically due to password abuse resulting in a huge bill to the website owner. The very people who did this are the ones now wondering where she is, now there’s irony for you. And these guys still don’t get it, they’re quite happy to mess around with websites, sharing out the content for a few measly slaps on the back from random dudes around the globe. “We only hurt the ones we love” seems apt here, although I wouldn’t expect any of them to get that though. I doubt any of those involved would actually want to face any website owner and say “I really loved your work when you were around, sorry I had to fuck it all up for you though”. The anonymity of the web provides a way to be cowardly but appear a hero to a few….sad.

Anyway, 2006 didn’t exactly provide much in the way of different porn than what was available five years ago. Sure, there are more websites and models than ever, which is great for the consumer and the quality is improving all the time. The general idea behind websites remains pretty much unaltered - shoot, update, market, shoot, update, market. One thing I do remember from buying porn is that a surfer will always want to see something new, so no matter how good the last photo-shoot, video or cam session was, it only lasts a small amount of time in the members mind before they need more and frequently. One area I have seen an increase in is the candid market, depressingly the real candid market though. This is where some guy will literally stalk some girl around and tape them unawares. Walking to work, shopping, in a bar whatever - these subjects have no idea that “Mr X” is tailing them with his concealed video camera and is taking film footage of their assets to put up for the rest of the world to see. The hypocritical element to this (putting aside for now everything else that is clearly wrong about it) is that the type of guy doing this would 99.9% flip out if he suddenly saw his g/f, wife, sister, mother online and taped by someone else. Its almost worth doing just to get the message across, lets be honest though, even if the online world didn’t exist, these guys would be doing something sexually shady and underhand……seriously dudes that’s definitely shudder-worthy and so illegal its not even funny.

What’s been good though? Well, recently I saw the return to the fray of a plus size model that five years ago was a firm favorite. I’m sure her new site will do well and without mentioning any names (those who hangout on Dim will know who it is) I wish her luck, not that I feel she’ll need too much of it.

Bodacious Mag has tucked more than a year under their belt and still continues to put out a coffee table quality product (although I wouldn’t advise leaving it on one for the folks to see LOL).

Membership prices for most serious sites are still obscenely good value; remember I used to pay myself lol. Now that I know what goes into running sites in terms of both cost and time I feel that there are many non-corporate sites that are bursting to the brim with years of archive content and frequent new updates for less that $1 a day. If there’s anyone that moans about getting access to that much porn for that price, I really need you to email me with a deal that beat’s it.

Anyway, it’s clear that the wheels of porn will keep turning in 2007 and who knows who or what is on the horizon. It’s still very much an exciting business and provided we don’t get thrown another bunch of red tape to bother us we’ll keep doing what we do.

Good luck to all in the industry for next year and thank you to anyone who has joined one of my sites this year.

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Shoot weekends are always a lot of fun, how could they not be and the most recent one was with Melodynyte. Id seen Melody a few times before, most recently in Bodacious Mag and thought “heres a girl that needs to get her ass in my studio for a bit”.

So, with the usual arrangements made, I pick Melody up from the airport at 7am and we proceed back to the studio. Apart from Melodys missing suitcase (you didn’t expect things to go 100% smoothly - right?) we crack on with our first photo-shoot which had a 50’s inspired theme (photo above).

To be honest, I was really impressed with Melodys abilities as a model. Any model that can think outside of the box and just immerse herself in the surrounding set is a pleasure to shoot. For one, it takes all the pressure away from me to prompt a model to “try this” when she’s run out of pose ideas. Lets face it, if you call yourself a model youre meant to bring your “modeling game”, not expect the photographer to do his job and yours on top. After all, I dont ask models what camera settings to use after 15 minutes and even though this might sound a little ranty, models with limited pose ability is a pet peeve of mine.

A little photographer direction aside, spontinaity is a key model skill and a pretty rare one sadly. Melody had it in bundles I’m glad to say and i found it hard to stop clicking the shutter as she morphed from a never ending arsenal of “shapes”.

I tend to shoot four or five sets a day, mostly because it maintains quality and keeps both the model and myself focused for each shoot. Shoot too many and the results become less impressive, yes you’ve got more content but, id rather have none than the lacklustre updates that would result from trying to shoot ten.

So at the end of the weekend Im a happy camper. Im now the proud owner of eight outstanding sets of a really curvy model with some truly awesome posing abilities.

Just a little messing around to do with them and they’ll be up on Ultimatebbw.