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19th Jan 2007, by admin, filed in Misc
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I sometimes look at this little blogspot and wonder “whats newsworthy” for any surfer who stumbles on it to read. Naturally not much, simply because the majority of surfers tend only to surf for porn and therefore are only interested in pictures. However, the search engines like words, which is why you’ll find many blogs with text entries to back up the pictures. The surfer generally has to search with word strings and if you have plenty of text on a blog (and the spiders have picked it up too) it makes it easy for the surfer to find what they want, including the odd few pics maybe.

Funnily enough Ive noticed chunks of my blog text cropping up on other peoples blogs. So, when a surfer types words into the blogger search bar for something that they want to find entries on (epecially if the model might be mentioned on my blog) , the theiving little scumbags blog comes up too, even though the paragraphs of words are mine and their content has fuck all to do with the text. The wonders/annoyances of the interweb i guess.

Actually, that word kinda cracks me up and i first saw “interweb” on a forum a few years ago. It was this picture post forum and one of the responses to a post was “lovely pics, you win 1,000,000 interwebs”. The phrase kinda morphed over time and the guy was recently posting “Much win for fatty pics, you now own the interlube”. I cant work out exactly whether the poster is foreign and its just the way the language translates (I mentally picture a 15year old boy with a middle eastern or asian origin when i read the posts) or just some guy who types that way and is funny as fuck. Id like to think the latter for some reason because I like the idea that someone somewhere has morphed the words on purpose and they slowly catch on, afterall this is how some catchphrases come into everyday use. In our house now, basically me and the wife only refer to the internet as the interlube and much fun is had by all….ummm, seriously.

Anyway, its hit a tight spot timewise in my corner of the porn world. An impending house move means much searching for the right house with enough studio space to carry on producing some porno. Its got to be said though, the thought of getting into a much bigger studio area is pretty exciting insofar that Im visualising more spectucalar sets for both video and photo’s…and that cant be a bad thing…right?