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27th Mar 2007, by admin, filed in Misc
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Moving sucks and is the main reason I’ve been out of action for 6 weeks. Its not the “moving day” itself (although that was littered with inept moving goons, who could damage a cushion if left unattended) but the aftermath of boxes.

Moving used to be easy but, after each successful house purchase and living there for a few years, you begin to realize that you’ve accumulated way more crap than you thought for the next move and thus the process gets longer each time, certainly with regards to unpacking.

So thats where I’ve been, setting the new house up and unpacking - nowhere near the world of porn creation…sob.

On the plus side - I have a new studio, which is now larger than a good sized apartment (and who said moving every two years wasn’t worth it lol). Naturally its not as simple as that though, it needs refitting but, what a great project to sink my teeth into. Blank walls are like blank paper to a writer - where do you begin with so many idea’s….contemporary maybe, or stark minimalist, maybe retro - maybe a mix of different studio sets. Who knows, but whichever way i end up going (and its likely to be a functional mix) this place is going to kick ass for versatility and usability.