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18th Sep 2007, by admin, filed in Ultimatebbw
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During my annual Vegas trip I set some time aside for a few photo-shoots. The best thing about shooting in LV is that all of the hotels have a different feel when it comes to photo-sets. Some are themed, contemporary, seedy, high class, generally whatever feel you want for a photo shoot, you can find it in LV.

I generally go for a contemporary feel, simply because it provides a fairly non-invasive setting, after all…there isn’t much point shooting 4 sets in an Egyptian style room when the outfits don’t match the setting.

With that aside I booked this weeks trip to include a session with Miss Fortune. She runs a site out of Southern Charms, has modeled with BOD and was the perfect blend of cute, sassy and plump that I wanted the members at Ultimatebbw to get their mitts on.

So without further ado, the full set sampled above is now up at Ultimatebbw…Enjoy.