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Another dik hardening set from one of the nets most prolific providers of plus sized jerk material. Encased in a corset and literally painted on Red Lycra miniskirt Carrie shows off those amazing hourglass curves that have made her members drool since she first graced the world of adult online erotica.

There are two video clips to accompany this set, so the fans of photo get their desires met and the video guys get theirs too. Me, id want both because I’m a little greedy like that lol.


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I did this last year and found it was more for my benefit so I could look back every now and then and remember how the plus sized adult industry was changing at the time. Its not really a post for my normal readers, although they can peruse too if they like long wordy posts.

As much of a dream job as this would appear to many, it is hard work for those that are doing this full time and are committed to creating a unique product for their members. I’ve certainly noticed a number of webmasters in 2007 pull away from the herd in terms of product quality and the professional approach they take to their work. Real brand orientated businesses are taking shape that surfers recognize, trust and want to be part of.

This to me has always been the common sense approach to establishing a business and although it can take a few years to shape it does mirror real world business tactics. The people who are doing this are taking time to learn their craft and take it to the next level. Whether that be better programs for design, new equipment and techniques or marketing strategies outside the norm amongst many examples one could cite.

Investing real time into these fundamentals is one of the best (and easiest) ways to develop that project into something that generates a real and sustainable revenue stream. Financial investment back into the business is also paramount, after all a person should not expect to take all of the profits generated without putting a good portion back, whilst still keeping up with changes. Investment is not without its rewards and their are plenty of people out there who can be paid to get a project on its feet and looking crisp.

A professional online business also takes its real world responsibilities seriously and one of my biggest bug bears has to be state and federal taxes of which many do not pay. I simply have much less respect for those who do not own up to their earned income and report it accordingly while enjoying the maximum fruits of a business.

I mentioned last year how the market seemed saturated and this year certainly confirms that growth in site openings. I’m sure many webmasters are curious as to the sustainability of a niche market with its finite amount of paying users, when the market is being flooded with more options following the same recipe. Looking at the available sub niches I often wonder if sites that are struggling with traffic and memberships haven’t considered branching out into those first where competition would be much less fierce and earning potential higher, due to lack of supply. The sub-niche sites do enjoy the benefits of loyal members, simply because the content they crave is in short supply…it seems a good place to go in my opinion for someone just starting out rather than the well trodden route of pin-up or gaining for example.

One of the things that always confuses me (or maybe shouldn’t) is that surfers often expect every website to operate exactly the same way as others that they’ve joined. I’m fairly sure that none of us expect to walk into a real world retail business and see exactly the same prices, product and service as another one, especially when they create their own product exclusively. That would be like walking into a store that creates their product individually for their customers (f.ex, confectionery, body products like bath products or jewelery) and saying “your coconut cremes are 10c per pound more expensive than Walmarts” and even though you handmade yours and they’re not available anywhere else, this doesn’t register. Maybe the surfer has for too long had a cookie cutter experience with corporates and that change is difficult to rationalize. In these instances its important to compare apples with apples rather than oranges.

2007 was a good year for me in particular because I finished a project that id been planning for a long while, my dedicated photo studio. I had the good fortune of shooting some outstanding models in the second half of 2007, highlights being the lovely Sofia Rose, the awesomely fun and hardworking Ambrosia and Arabella who was a blast from day one till she had to go home. 2008 has been mostly filled already and early signs are going to be very exciting for the Ultimatebbw crew - oh boy, if members only knew what was coming their way.

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This is the first of a number of videos we shot, its the Xmas striptease and dildo extravaganza and i doubt theres a red blooded big girl fan that wont bust a nut over it.

Its just been finally edited and uploaded to and those that like the full movement of an extremely curvy big girl will not be disappointed. You get plenty of multi angle views, the full 360, above, below and every other way we could think of filming Arabella, so that everyone got their favorite slice of thigh, belly, butt, or chest. And to finish it off, Arabella naturally gave you the happy ending you’d want.

Here are some screen caps to whet that appetite.