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Q. Webmodeling - why?
A. I know its cliche and all but honestly, I do love showing the world that big girls are sexy. Not only that, but happy, successful, and fun!

Q. What is your dream job in the offline world?
A. Working at the Championship Vinyl record store with John Cusak in High Fidelity! Lol but really anything dealing with music. Writing music reviews, or managing a cool band.

Q. Do you have any pet peeves?
A. People who don’t know when enough is enough, and my own personal lack of motivation.

Q. Favorite movie genre?
A. Horror by far. (Also into indie, and comedy)

Q. The dance floor is dead - what song do you put on to liven it up again?
A. I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Huston

Q. Best tip for those getting started as a website model?
A. Take your time and don’t rush. Take pride in your work and put the effort into it, it deserves. And lastly make sure you work for someone with your comfortable with and till treat you right.

Q. Your significant other is away for an evening, how do you spice it up?
A. Go out with my girls and get wild.

Q. Favorite way to waste a few hours?
A. Watching tv, taking my puppy to the dog park.

Q. Any Celebrity idols?
Marilyn Monroe (duh), Anna Nicole, and Mia Tyler.

Q. Do you read for pleasure? if so, whats your book of the moment?
A. Oh yes! Books of Blood - Clive Barker and New Rules - Bill Maher

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