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26th Feb 2009, by admin, filed in Hotfattygirl
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I think it’s fucking awesome when a girl is so big that it pushes their dresses up where it shouldn’t be - that’s the mark of a true hottie in my book!  Check out this set at !

25th Feb 2009, by admin, filed in Penny Lane
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Every time I see her, I’m just amazed at how bountiful her lush body is - huge breasts, enormous belly , sexy big legs and ass… and she looks great in and out of clothes, as you can see.  Yum!

14th Feb 2009, by admin, filed in Carrieland
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Carrie from has always been a long-time fave of mine, but this new shot is reminding me why.  Those are some huge, sexy legs she’s got there and a BBW in stretch pants is always a sight to behold.  Make sure you check out her site if you haven’t seen this set!