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Reenaye Starr of www.LoveMyFat.comVeteran SSBBW webmodel Reenaye Starr of is a favorite among fat lovers everywhere. She took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for our SomeLikeitFat readers!

SLF: Are you a gainer, a feeder or a feedee or none of the above?

Reenaye: Both truly. I love to eat, be fed and get bigger and more curvaceous, but I also really get off of feeding my sexy gainer girlfriend, Penny and find mutual feeding really, really hot!

SLF: I hear you like to cook - What’s your favorite food to make?

Reenaye: I love giving myself a challenge. I made my first duck this year and it was delicious. Anything new, challenging and delicious.

SLF: How about to eat?

Reenaye: I love all kinds of food, but especially Mexican.

SLF: What do you like most about posing nude on the Internet?

Reenaye: The attention, showing of my jiggly bits, and letting the world know that fat women are sexy!

SLF: What is your hottest erotic fantasy?

Reenaye: I have many… But I would love to have some one feed me and my girlfriend FOREVER. A life that consists of eating, sex, eating, more sex, eating during sex. That sounds good to me…

SLF: Sounds good to us too! Our readers also like to hear about the “real life” side of sexy models. For instance, do you collect anything?

Reenaye: Signatures from D list movie stars/celebrities :)

SLF: What’s your favorite way to waste a few hours?

Reenaye: Go to lunch with a friend, or lay around in bed with a special someone.

SLF: A lot of models say they get some really crazy emails from fans – what’s the most unusual email you’ve received?

Reenaye: There have been many.. Some are too yucky to repeat, but let’s suffice it to say I have had many strange fetish requests for videos.

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Pigtails and upskirt action on a hot fatty is something that we can definitely get on board with!  Scarlette, over at, always delivers some really hot fantasy sets - make sure to check this one out in full!


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Ever been sitting down for an innocent meal at a pizza buffet and see a sexy fat girl take half her clothes off?  Well, neither had we until now!  Mysti Mountains, a supersized exhibitionist can’t help but show off some of her sexy bits, even if it means doing it in the middle of a restaurant!

Mysti Mountains

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Sexy supersized Jae is one of the featured models this month at and boy are we grateful for that!  She works this small top and skirt like fabric costs $800 a yard and she’s on a $400 budget!  Small clothes on a huge girl - WIN!

Jae at

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Carrie sure knows how to work a diminutive dress, a skimpy skirt, and petitely-proportioned panties!  And they all add up to one huge hard-on!  See the rest of this set at her site,!

Carrie Busts Out!

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Redheaded Canadian cutie Scarlette from puts on some sexy, silky lingerie to get you in the mood for some upcoming valentine’s day lovin!

Curvy Scarlette

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Let’s face it, we all just want to get these big babes butt naked, right?  Well Reenaye from is more than happy to oblige as she shows you all those sexy curves in a steamy hot shower.

Reenaye's Steamy Shower

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See this supersized sexbomb pump some iron - don’t you wish you were a spotter in the gym that day???  She tackles her duties with gusto and shows you a sight you don’t see much when you go to the gym - so hot! for more.

Ivy's Weighty Workout

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This supersized hottie from doesn’t often show off her pink parts in more explicit pics, but let me tell you:  it’s a treat when she does!  Succulent, wet flesh abounds in this rare toy set - check it out!

Penny Lane Gets Naughty

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Mysti Mountains is one hot exhibitionist!  Can you just imagine taking a walk through the park and seeing this huge, hot piece of ass getting naked while some guy snaps pics?  This is the stuff wet dreams are made of! (see more at

Mysti's Public Display of Fatness