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3rd Aug 2016, by BBW Lover, filed in SSBBW Lailani, ssbbw
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Get wet  with SSBBW Lailani


24th Apr 2016, by BBW Lover, filed in BBW Foxes, Yvonne Fox, ssbbw
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Drenched in chocolate, sticky, sweet, and absolutely delicious. Yvonne Fox finds chocolate to be such an amazing aphrodisiac and feels amazing on the skin..Join this SSBBW babe as she gets slathered up…and imagine licking it off those tasty rolls!


5th Apr 2016, by BBW Lover, filed in SSBBW Lailani, ssbbw
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This raven haired babe loves to get messy and goes to all extremes to do so.  Lathered and rolling around in shaving cream, SSBBW Lailani shows just how much she can roll, and how big her rolls are.


10th Feb 2016, by BBW Lover, filed in SSBBW Lailani, ssbbw
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SSBBW Lailani shows off just how playful she can be and combines a whole tones of fetishy fun.  Balloons, water and and all her curvy fatty goodness.


15th Aug 2015, by BBW Lover, filed in Hotfattygirl, ssbbw
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Spending time in the water is SSBBW Ivy’s absolute favorite part of summer! She  spends lots of time at the beach and the pool showing off all of her sexy curves in bikinis and loving all the attention she gets!  She has an abundance of bikinis (and fat), but this one is her favorite.  It is certainly barely there and gets lost in her massive mounds of flesh.  Check out this  latest update at to see just how fat and cute she is.


28th Jul 2015, by BBW Lover, filed in JuicyJackie, ssbbw
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We aren’t  sure what we like more; SSBBW Jackie pressing her  fat body against the slippery glass, or seeing her panties goes from white to see through as she gets soaking wet in the shower.  We’d love to put hands all over her and rub every part of that bugling body; being so dirty while she’s supposed to be getting clean.


9th Feb 2015, by BBW Lover, filed in Passions BBW, bbw
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Wet and wickedly sexy, Passion is one beautiful bbw.  Her tank top and panties already hug her lovely curves, but once they are wet, they are down right clingy!


2nd Jan 2015, by BBW Lover, filed in Violet James, ssbbw
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Most people don’t want to go near  wet paint on them, but be-speckled beauty Violet James says bring it on!  Wet and covered in paint, who wouldn’t want her to sit on you!


28th Oct 2014, by BBW Lover, filed in Pearabella, ssbbw
Comments Off is offering up some mouth-watering delights.  Airabella slathers up her gigantic belly and breasts like she is dessert, waiting to be devoured. Feast your eyes and sexual appetite up by joining her today.


16th Oct 2014, by BBW Lover, filed in BBW Adeline, ssbbw
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WOWZAH!  Why can’t girls like BBW Adeline be in wet t-shirt contests more often?! She would have our vote as she has the massive belly, fat ass and big boobs that every hot blooded FA wants.   Suppose this is just as good as can have own private moments to enjoy all her videos and pictures :)